Garage Parkering Sensor-LED-Stop-Skilt Garage Parkering Lys Assistent System Blinkende Led-Lys Parkering Stop-Skilt Drop shipping

Garage Parkering Sensor-LED-Stop-Skilt Garage Parkering Lys Assistent System Blinkende Led-Lys Parkering Stop-Skilt Drop shipping

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Tags: døren plug, led neon tegn, coco jord, chevalet, arbejdslamper, lampe månen, led lampe, drop stop vin, led-ligth, led skrue.

E K-2777-002 Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign for Drop shipping

Description: 1. Flashing LED Stop Sign - Assist Parking in the Garage to prevent dents and scratches on your vehicle.The LED lights in the stop sign flash (Not by making a sound) when a vehicle gets too close, allowing the driver to park the car at a safe distance, even on nights when it's hard to see. 2. Bright Red LED lights up when rod touches bumper - Flashing LED Stop Sign helps you detect when your car bumper is getting too close to the stop sign pole with motion detecting sensors and flashing lights when your bumper hits the pole. 3. It comes with 4 Sections & Weighted base to keep it in perfect position; Portable weighted base utilizes flexible rod with flashing led light on top that flashes when contact is made with car bumper. 4. Easy to Adjust for any sized vehicle - Height is adjustable up to 53 inches, You could kindly adjust the right height to your convenience and flashing lights to help you with parking easily in your driveway and garage. 5. Perfect for small and tight spaced garages, need 2 X AG 13 Button cell batteries .Batteries are NOT included the package.Flashing LED Garage Stop Sign is easy to install and works well in tight spaces.

  • Er Batterier Kræves: Ja
  • Spænding: 12V
  • Mærke: H&GLÆDE
  • Funktion: Garage Parkering Sensor
  • Model-Nummer: 878WDA
  • Brug: Nødhjælp
  • Krop Materiale: ABS
  • Strømkilde: Tør Batteriet
  • Garanti: /
  • Stil: Nyhed
  • Certificering: ce
  • Lys Kilde: LED Pærer
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Er Pærer I Prisen: Ja
  • Batteri Type: Knap Celle
  • Er Batterier Inkluderet: No
Iggo1908 2021-02-11 Shipment dtarła after two months, a little zmęczona journey and sfatygowana as the photo below, but content not ucierpiała if have faceted resources cierpliwosci it recommend, if not then wearing odpuście. 5/5
T Harada 2020-12-07 The interlocking bars are stiff. The flexibility is realized by a spring at the lower end. All plug connections are solid. The base is not very heavy, but it won't tip over if you hit the bar. Then the sign flashes with 2 red LEDs. It's very sensitive. I need this device in an outdoor parking lot. And there it also flashes when the wind tugs at the sign. I don't think the electronics are waterproof either. But I don't care, because then I will still see the red sign wobble. 5/5
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